06 March 2012


I have a great weekend ahead. Family galore. Which is fantastic! I haven't seen my older sisters since Christmas...way too long. So we have a house full of family staying over this weekend and I can't wait!

It's going to be a weekend of food, laughs, memories shared, food, gossip & tales, food, giggles, some more food and more than likely (actually, guaranteed) some vino thrown in for good measure...yummo!

I'm menu planning today and I'm thinking comfort food for our Saturday gathering...possibly lunch instead of dinner as sister no.3 needs to be home early before she turns into a pumpkin (also she has just discovered she has a little bun in the oven (yay!!) and wants to get that hour long drive home in early and get Miss Issy into bed on time!).

So far this is how the menu is looking...

plus I'm thinking a nice green salad, breads, cheeses & a few glasses of red...mmmmm

And now, I come to a slight problem...

...the 'spare room'...yikes! 

Up until today I've been literally chucking everything into this room that I haven't yet found a home for since moving in a few weeks back. I have a bed being delivered on Friday, just in the nick of time as sister no. 2 and my niece arrive on Friday afternoon, so I'd best do something about this mess.
Hmmm...time to get in there & do what I've been putting off for a while now!

I have another delivery tomorrow as well as the bed on Friday. I can't wait for this little gem to turn up tomorrow...how cute is Astrid and her sidekick ottoman! I'm usually pretty tame when it comes to colour in our home, but I couldn't resist this one. She's in lemongrass...a nice bright 'pop' of colour for the kids tv room! 

Wish me luck with the spare room!


Mama of 2 boys said...

What a fabulous looking chair... and I always love an ottoman to compliment a good chair! Your meal plan sounds delectable, what a fun sounding week you're going to have. Good luck with the big clear out of the spare room, I'm sure it will look lovely once you're done xo

Home is where the ❤ is said...

Thanks Jules! Still sorting : ) xo

Anonymous said...

i love the lemongrass chair alison. hope all is well. i am back!! a quick exit from mamajots sadly was all i could do. family problem. talk soon. veronica. xo.