27 April 2012


a little snippet from yesterday
my twilight stroll with a good friend, what a great way to end the day 
well not that it actually ended at that, there was chicken stir fry to cook, much telly watching to do (the block, celebrity apprentice...what's the go with tania Z she seemed so submissive at the end?) and then the coaxing of children into bed
but it was a lovely twilight stroll, time to catch up, have a chat and a laugh at our lives...recharges the batteries for the next day
and what a surprise to find it's friday today and not tuesday!
after having a mid week public holiday, it felt like monday all day yesterday.
roll on weekend i say : ) 

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Mama of 2 boys said...

That sky is just stunning! Such a beautiful picture Alison. This week has totally thrown me with the holiday in the middle... and I don't even have to go out to work! xo