30 April 2012

this time last year

This time last year London was buzzing. You could literally feel the joy that the British people were experiencing. It was the day the Royals really captured their hearts again. And not only was it British hearts, it was hearts all over the world. We couldn't resist a trip over to London for this special and very memorable occasion. We plonked ourselves down on the grass in Green Park just next to Buckingham Palace and were glued to that big TV screen for an hour or so. We waved our Union Jacks and belted out God Save the Queen with the best of them - so much fun! 

Happy Anniversary Wills and Kate and here's cheers to many, many more to come : ) 

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Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh what fab pics Alison and how exciting that you were actually there to be a part of it all. Fantastic experience to remember. Must admit I watched every moment of the royal wedding and it still makes me smile thinking of it. Just a beautiful union of two young lovers really, so nice xo