08 June 2012

enjoying the little things

I know, I know...I've changed the title of my blog...again! I think this one is a keeper though. Enjoying the little things is really what I'm all about.

You know what little thing I'm loving the most today (so far)?


Yep, selfies. The kiddo's take oodles of them. Every time I pick up my phone I find a new selfie has been added, and the little person that took the pic has saved it as my wallpaper - gotta love that! I have a giggle to myself and thank goodness for those little things in life that, even though are so small, mean so much to me. They're a bit like getting a little hug from my kiddo's when they're not around  : )  Love that.

These are a few that we took recently. These little treasures are my life. Love you guys so much!



Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh it's YOU Alison, thank goodness, I was racking my brain as to who belonged to that blog name. Lovely new title though, I like it!
And I love selfies too, aren't they awesome!? Gorgeous selfies of you and your sweet duo xo

alison said...

Thank you Jules, we do love a good selfie! ; ) Thanks for figuring out it was me...I know i've changed the title a few times, but this one is a winner - for sure (i think)!! xo