13 June 2012

love this

I'm loving this image, i've spied it while doing a catch up on some of my favourite reading spots
I'm not really sure what it is i love about it so much, but it's really captured me...
perhaps it's the lovely calming neutral tones
the misshapen pot of spring blooms, 
the lime green lace cushion

...I think I know what it is
 the roof top terrace, the copper roofing and the church spire peeping over the top of the apartment building all reminds me of living in Europe : )

Funny how one little image can make your day 

this one and more lovely pics from here

1 comment:

Mama of 2 boys said...

Ooo I love that little nook too Alison, absolutely gorgeous! I am sure I can give my upstairs balcony a makeover to resemble something like this... well maybe not quite so fabulous, but it's all about the inspiration and this IS inspiring xo