02 December 2009

tis the season for Weihnachtsgebäck

So with the start of the Christmas season, here in Bavaria you will find all sorts of Weihnachtsgebäck on display in shop windows and especially in the Bäckerei.
My favourite Weihnachtsgebäck or Christmas treats are these lovely little hand make biscuits and pastries.  And the kids just love it when they arrive home from school to find a plate of them waiting on the table for afternoon tea.

I thought I would kick off a Bavarian Christmas special with my favourite topic....food! And  tell you about these lovely little biscuits. They are so cute and go down a treat.  They are part of the Christmas tradition here and I am told that if you go into any German house over the festive season and you will be offered a plate of weihnachtsgebäck.   

Over the next week or so I am planning on getting down to some serious Christmas shopping and will take the camera out with me to get a few happy snaps of the shops and Christmas markets.

Hope you enjoy! 

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