25 March 2010


Pisa, Tuscany, Italy December 08

Pisa was our first Italian stop on our road trip to Rome for Christmas 08. We arrived late in the evening so really couldn't get a good look at the famous leaning tower.  But next morning we were up early to catch our first glimpse in daylight. Boy oh boy does the Leaning tower really, REALLY LEAN!!  What an amazing and very impressive sight to see! 

Construction of the tower began in 1173 and was built in three stages over a period of about 177 years. The tower began to sink after construction had progressed to the third floor in 1178.  This was due to a mere three meter foundation, set in weak, unstable soil.  Quite unbelievable really isn't it!  Over centuries the tower has undergone major structural engineering. Even so, I still did not want to climb the 296 steps to the top. That lean is just so impressive and a little bit scary! 

We had such glorious warm winter weather in Italy while we were there. Such a contrast to the weather in Munich.  Italy was a wonderful adventure for us.

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