26 March 2010


Spring has just about sprung and it's at this time of year that I am in absolute awe at the power of Mother Nature. We go from depths of winter, as pictured above, to full on spring glory in a matter of weeks, as pictured below.
It was this time of year, last year that we headed home for 2 weeks over Easter to celebrate Lynne and Mark's wedding. When we left Munich it was dark, cold and snowing. When we arrived back 2 weeks later I took this photo below.  To say I was shocked is an understatement. Shocked in a good way though! I really could not believe the change in the landscape as we drove back from the airport. It was totally green and sunny, just gorgeous. 

I now understand why the people that live here love the warmer months so much and spend as much time outdoors as they can before the colder weather sets in again. Many like to spend this time with very little on, and I now appreciate why...although I'm not about to join them in nude sunbathing in the English Garden!!

Oh, how I love Spring. 

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