25 January 2011

Sean's new hobby...

I've got my little buddy at home with me today. He was feeling a little on the 'poorly' side all weekend and woke up feeling so-so today...one of those decisions that you have to make...do I keep him at home and risk the school calling in an hour and I have to go out and get him (without a car it takes me an hour to get to the school) or do I just keep him rugged up at home with me on this freezing cold, grey, miserable day. Yes to that I say. So he spent the morning in bed reading resting and then pottered around with me for a bit (which, I have to say was nice to have his company).

He's been picking up the camera a lot lately (we have a couple of old 'spares' laying around), mainly taking a lot of photos of his Lego creations and making short movies with them! I love that! Love that he's discovering his creative side and finding something that he feels he is good at - it makes him happy (and you know what they say happy child = happy mother). He's decided he'd like to be a photographer. I'm thinking cinematographer would be good too!!

So this is his favourite for today, he snapped it when we were in the kitchen making Ginger Crunch Slice (oh yummy & thank you Kristy!). We thought we'd share it with you - the photo not the slice - we are about to demolish that...yes he'd definitely feeling a lot better now : )

Alison & Sean x


Anonymous said...

That is a simply beautiful photo. I hope your little one feels better very quickly x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I really am so impressed with your son's ability with manipulating photos on Photoshop.

Well, impressed and a bit jealous!!! I don't even have Photoshop yet.....maybe for my birthday in a couple of months!