03 February 2011

a view from my window...

I just wanted to share with you a view from my window this morning...

Oh hello sun, so lovely to see you. It might still be minus 10°c but who cares when the sun is out!! The sun!! It just makes me want to shout out ''Hey ya''! I am so, so, so grateful to see you, you have no idea how happy you've made me. Blue sky and sun, oh so sweet. 

Sarah Blasko - Hey Ya

I'm loving listening to Sarah Blasko at the moment, can't get enough of her. 

For my Aussie friends and family at home who are all waiting for some sweet relief from the summer heat, we'll head out over the weekend to capture you some wintery-snowy photos just to cool you down.

Alison x 
Just realised I've got a bit of a sweetness theme happening in this post ...sweet, sweet sun, so happy you make me. Sarah Blasko's sweet voice, makes me happy too. And sharing some of my winter with family & friends at home - sweet relief from their summer sun. Sweet! Ya! 


Maxabella said...

LOVE Sarah Blasko. She's just DIVINE!

As is the view from your window. I know you're fixated about the sun but I'm focusing on that lovely snow and tree branches looking like sculptures. Lovely. x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'm so glad you left all the sweets in....I do that with blog posts too but I've been deleting them. For my last post, I put about a million 'little's in!!! Bizarre!!

Oooh, how funny. I've just got a comment through from YOU into my inbox.

We're comment twins!!