26 August 2011

garden love

At the moment my life is all boxes, boxes, boxes and unpacking boxes and getting the house organised. So the garden hasn't even had a little look in over the past few weeks and with all the rain we've had it's becoming more of a jungle than a garden.

Today, I'm dreaming of getting out into the garden one day soon and planting some lovely bright colour for spring and summer...it's just around the corner you know. I can't wait to get some order into the garden so I can find a home for the beautiful dark pink peony Leanne gave me when mum died (one of mum's fave flowers). Love you. x

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful way to remember. hope you get that garden time in your day really soon. the colour is so gorgeous. (ps:i got your comments. i just deleted them. don't worry. i certainly dont' mind. have done it myself many times). have a lovely day alison.