10 September 2011

a birthday boy, his sister, their little cousin and a school fete


 A big day for the birthday boy. At cricket at 8am, school fete from 11am until 3pm and then home for birthday cake with our special visitors, including little cousin Issy (her first school fete, I think she was pretty impressed!). His favourite Thai takeaway for dinner and still going strong at 9.30pm watching Saturday night footy on the lounge with his dad and sister. Way to go my little man. A good day : )

ps. to quote Sean at 6am this morning..."OMG, OMG, OMG. I'm 10. I'm 10. I'm 10. I'm a MAN!" 


Anonymous said...

the quote made me laugh. how cute. love these photos alison. nice to see your family in action. how adorable is Issy. what a sweetie. enjoy your sunday!

Leese said...

Too funny!! I'm a man, at 10!! Love it! Hope he had a wonderful, wonderful day. And yum, great choice for tea, Thai takeaway!

Sandrine said...

Happy Birthday to your little 10 years old man :)x